Wednesday, 29 June 2016

luxury lippy - louboutin

As far as luxury brands go, Christian Louboutin is deffo up there with the best!
So last year when I first saw that he had created a lipstick line I was excited to say the least...

I have had this beauty, since December last year, so this post is WAAY overdue!

Everything about this lipstick screams luxury. From the sleek branded box it comes in to the gorgeous  detailed golden packaging of the product. The concept of the product is to be more than just a lipstick, but more of an accessory. There is the option to have the ribbon attached to the cap, to wear the lipstick as a necklace.. although I don't think I would rock this myself, it is a new and fun concept and the product is gorgeous enough to show off.

I love how the branding is shown throughout the product. when you lift open the black box you see the classic louboutin red lining with the lipstick laying inside. Even the lipstick cap is red inside, which I think is a very nice detail.
The overall look and detail of the product makes it feel special and worth the luxury price you pay.

Of course Chantelle got another pinky nude shade? The shade I got is 'just nothing' which is a velvet matte finish.  This is the shade I saw all over tumblr and instagram and I fell in love. I love these shades, so as it was such an expensive lipstick, I wanted to get a wearable shade that I know i'll love.

The lipstick, although being matte finish, is vert creamy and doesn't dry up my lips. It also wears extremely well, This is my go to lip for a night out because it wears off evenly, not leaving me with patchy lips as the night goes on!

Overall, I am extremely happy with this lipstick. I think its worth paying a little more for such a special product like this! I would love to try out more colours and the other finishes in the collection too!

Christian Louboutin website

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  1. I love the packaging on the Louboutin lipsticks and I hear the formula is just as good. Need to save some pennies and purchase one!

    Amina xx |