Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Tanya burr 'perfect brows'

I am a lover of youtubers, when they bring out their own products i get all excited and proud. 
When I saw Tanya had re designed her packaging to an even more girly and pretty look I knew I needed to pick up some of it!

The first on my list was this 'perfect brows' kit.

The packaging is simple and gorgeous, lilac with metallic detailing? yes please.

I love the small convenient size of the kit and i am super impressed with how clear and big the mirror is for such an inexpensive product!

The colours are all very true brow shades, not too orangy or dark. They can look natural or built up to give a more dramatic brow. 

I use the shade 'pebble' at the front of my brows and 'chestnut' on the rest to create a soft, natural faded look. 

Fairy cake is a perfect hi-light for the brow bone making the brows look on FLEEEEK!
 (had to be said atleast once?)

no matter what shade brow powder you use, the other shades don't need to be neglected! I have been trying them out as eyeshadows and they work Great! 

 I love the mini sized tweezers included, they are slanted and so easy to grip and use with precision!
Perfect size to slip into your on the go makeup bag!

I also love the mini brush for its precision and it makes it easy to create fine strokes to create a natural looking brow.

 I am so inlove with this kit and use it daily now! I am going to be picking up more of the new products from Tanyas line!



  1. I'm in need of a new brow kit and this one looks and sounds pretty amazing. Do you use the brush that it comes with or your own? Great review!


  2. This sounds lovely, I love the redesign of all of Tanya's products!
    P.S I adore the cute little moveable icons in your header! How did you do them?

    Catherine | Pretty Little Beauty Blog

  3. This is such a cute eyebrow kit. I love the packaging. x

    Jordan Alice